There is no general agreement on how abnormal behavior may be distinguished from normal behavior, yet there is a point when regular behavior becomes maladaptive and pathological. Substantial scientific developments in recent years, especially in the neuroscience front, have allowed us to glance into the brain during behavior, tracking the physiological basis underlying behavior. Understanding the physiological basis of adaptive behavior could convey the potential of disentangling maladaptive and psychopathological behaviors as well. One of the key aspects in fulfilling this potential is the ability of researchers studying this subject through different binoculars, using different paradigms and organisms to share their knowledge and discuss key issues and questions rising from their science.

The 8th meeting of the Integrated Brain and Behavior Research Center (IBBRC) at the University of Haifa is dedicated to do exactly that. Under the title – “Brain & Behavior: From Adaptive functioning to Psychopathology” the meeting brings together leading scientists from around the world to try and connect the dots – what is it that drives behavior from adaptive behavior to psychopathology. This will be achieved via an exciting mixture of sessions, key note lectures, panels, and posters.

Looking forward to meeting you soon in Haifa!

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